McAuley High School Swimming

Mission:  To provide an environment designed to help each young woman develop her intellect, gifts, and talents.  To promote positive growth, teach social and athletic skills and develop leadership qualities.  To have fun, make friends, and be empowered!

League: GGCL

Team Philosophy

As an interscholastic team we place a priority on learning.  Athletics in general, and swimming in particular, offer unique opportunities for important life skills to be introduced, practiced and hopefully integrated into participants lives.  Our program is centered around the schools mission to help develop well balanced individuals.  Therefore, our program of training is structured to introduce new swimmers to the physical, mental and emotional challenges of competitive swimming, and to to challenge experienced athletes to develop their skills in these areas to greater levels of mastery.

To accomplish our mission our program is centered around three main team goals:

1.  Learn the skills of swimming
2.  Learn to be strong/fit
3.  Have fun

Each of these overarching goals effects the structure of our season down to the daily practices.  And each of these goals reflect back to the school's mission of creating balanced individuals.  


C: Communication - essential for the success of any interscholastic program.  Coaches, swimmers, parents and administration must be committed to open, honest, and respectful communication at all times.

A: Attendance - as part of a team showing up is an essential first step.  However, this also entails being on time, and prepared.  Attendance in monitored and expectations will vary depending on individuals practice group and level of commitment. 

R: Respect - for yourself, teammates, coaches, practice facility, parents, other teams/schools.  

E: Effort - "Success is peace of mind which is  direct result of self satisfaction in knowing you did your best to become the best you are capable of becoming" - effort is the measure of success.