Coach Eric Stock -

This is my 5th year coaching with McAuley High School.  I graduated from LaSalle in 2008 and swam all 4 years.  After graduation, I decided not to continue my swimming and instead I began coaching at Orchard Hill Swim Club back in 2007. I started as an assistant with McAuley in 2010 and took over as head coach the following year.  Outside of coaching I work at The Berry Company as an Account Representative.  I have 2 sisters that graduated from McAuley (one who swam) and a younger brother who swims for LaSalle. Over my years of coaching I have seen all levels of swimmers and am very proud of where the program is heading.  

Coach Kevin Huey -

I'm excited to announce that I will be joining the McAuley swim team for the 2014/2015 season. I've worked at the club level coaching for the Clippard YMCA for the past 9 years after starting my coaching career at Orchard Hill swim club over a decade ago. I've worked with swimmers off all ages and ability levels from beginner 5 year olds to beginner 15 year olds to national level competitors. I currently am the strength and conditioning coach for the top 2 Clippard Division groups of the Powel Crosley YMCA swim team.

My coaching philosophy centers on the development of balance in the body - mind - and heart of my student/atheletes. In the pool I place a strong emphasis on fundamentals (balance, body position and efficient breathing). These fundamentals allow new swimmers to quickly gain the confidence necessary to compete and offer more experienced swimmers the chance to refine technique. As an interscholoastic coach I plan to address the development of swimming skills and competition in parallel to the overall personal development of each student-athlete in coordination with the McAuley High School mission - “ To create an environment designed to help each individual develop their intellect, gifts and talent.”

Personal swimming experience: PPSL, YMCA (GNY, Clippard), LaSalle High School and Miami University club teams.

Education: Logan Univerisity (St. Louis) - Doctor of Chiropractic
Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation and Training Focus
Miami University (Oxford - Ohio) - Zoology
LaSalle High School
Interests: I love being active - I'm continually searching out new methods of training and have enjoy trying out all kinds of physical disciplines - from crossfit, pure calisthenics, to ballet.
I also love being still - I find the balance disciplines such as mindfulness medication, tai chi and yoga offer essential to continual growth.
I love being a dad - If I'm not working I'm playing with my kids Evy and Tris
and I drink coffee all day long (but only the good stuff).